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Introductory Message from the Author:  Welcome readers and fellow writers to my brand new fanfic, The Heir of Uzumaki-Senju. This fanfic was originally written by LunarSpartan117(from, who accepted my permission to adopt his/her fanfic.

Now to begin with, this story will contain :

1. Naruto`s Harem

- The girls for Naruto is up to five members only since I do not have much experience in writing fanfic that has more than five girls. The numbers might be added by popular demands in reviews.

2. AU

- Because of Time travel and sudden return to his time, Naruto will know about his heritage.

3. Original Characters

- Putting an OC makes things go easier for me (shinobi, kunoichi, samurai, mercenary/merc, etc.). However, they will not be the main focus here because it`s Naruto Centric Fanfic.


Disclaimer: Frostkeeper does not own Naruto except laptop, usb and original characters.


Synopsis : During a nasty ambush that nearly kills Naruto, Kurama sent the young jinchuuriki 120 years into the past where he met his clan as they were in their prime. See what the consequences of those actions are when Naruto returns to the present. Very strong Naruto but not godlike. Naruto/Harem 

Chapter 1

"The Start"


Naruto Uzumaki was sitting on the bed of his cell under full ANBU surveilance while multiple chakra suppression and absorption seals were placed on his body which held back and drained away the chakra in his chakra system. It was at this point, three interrogators belonging from Torture & Interrogation Unit came to the door.

"Uzumaki-san, it`s time to stand trial before the council, for the crimes of killing the Sandaime Hokage. " The head interrogator, Morino Ibiki said to the younger blonde.

"How terrible, they really thought he died."The young Uzumaki remained silent for a minute before rising from his bed.

"Just make sure nothing happens to his body, I am not done with him yet " The young Uzumaki casually said.

"You sick bastard, I will- " Anko began to declare 'things' but was cut off by the Yamanaka interrogator when he harshly yelled.

"Anko! Enough, let`s go." With that said, they led the young Uzumaki to the Council Room.

Council Room

It had been an hour since the trial had begun and questions had been asked of Naruto. The shinobi side who didn`t believe Naruto to be a monster asked for reasons as to why or how he assassinated the Sandaime but he completely ignored them and tuned out from the annoying members of civilian side ranting for his head to be put on his pike and yelling crap like "I told you he was demon", or " The Sandaime was a fool to trust this boy, we knew he would turn on him soon."

After a while, the shinobi side had finally gave up on him and agreed to take a vote on what to do with the container by the pressing of the civilian side, which like mostly make his life living hell by putting maximum life prison sentence(till he died from starvation, sickness or age) or by executing him. They asked him if he had any last words since the container ignore everything and everyone present through out the meeting.

But they were proven wrong when the Yondaime`s sole heir suddenly smiled and said : " Thank you shinobi council for stalling this long or I would have been undoubtedly executed by this village who my fa- err I mean to get a chance to prove my innocence"

"Troublesome, he knows it."

"Innocence!? You murdered our leader, traitor" Yelled a civilian councilwoman making the blonde jinchuuriki rolled his eyes and replied :

"You ignorant idiot, why would you rely on baseless information which would have clouded your judgement? Besides, why the hell would I kill the person who is like a grandfather to me, who has loved me unconditionally since the beginning? "

"Ah, Uzumaki-san, he is really dead. You killed him-" The Nara clan head tried to intervene but the young blonde blurted.

"I did not."

"See, that demon is going mad. It can`t even comprehend that it killed a man. Why not we end it now, for killing the Sandaime? " Yelled a councilman, getting a roars of approval from the Council which mostly came from Civilian Side but suddenly the door was turned to wood fragments by a destructive punch and the Sandaime Hokage walked in who now radiating a destructive aura and power coated around his person that some of the senior members of the council felt when they were kids except to those who haven`t, shivered at that aura and power.

"Actually, Naruto-kun did not kill me. " The village leader said with a smile.

Turning to the not-old man, Naruto excitedly yelled. "Hokage-jiji, it`s about time you got here. I was honestly getting worried that I had Kami forbid made my mistake when I put you in that near death sentence. How did that transformation go? Did you like it?"

"Ah, yes it did. Although it nearly gave me a heart attack. Before you go on, I have something to take care off. ANBU! " The Hokage ordered the hidden operators and without a word, a gale of thicker wind decapitated the head of each civilian council.

"Gale and Wind, you really mastered that technique. Your parents will be proud of you now." The Hokage watched the civilian council shivered at the sight of blood and number of heads dropping to the chair where its former occupants sat.

"Naruto-kun, do you want those seals removed now?" The Hokage asked, which the young blonde assented.

Sighing, the old man instantly removed the seals placed upon the blonde within ten seconds just in time Hiashi jumped off from his chair and yelled, which was totally out of his character.

"Who the hell are you? "

"What is it, Hiashi-dono? " One of the shinobi council asked readily with his katana drawn from its sheath while others jumping into action, scaring the hell out of the civilian council members, who were quickly heading towards the doors for safe places because they might suffer from a possible fight.

"What a bunch cowards. Here, they are that but during that crappy hunt they fight me. They should be grateful that I know why Tou-san picked me and with that reason, I`ll give them a second chance." The young jinchuuriki thought as he watched them exited the council room.

"This man is under a S-rank genjutsu which even my Byakugan can`t see it. How do we know he is our leader? I cannot let him come near to Naruto until I am assured. " The Hyuuga clan head said, getting into familial taijutsu stance.

"Hyuuga-sama and other clan heads, I seriously would not do that `cause if the Hokage could kick a lot of ass before, then you do not want to know what he can do now. " The sole Namikaze heir chirped with amusement right behind them.

"Be silent boy. We all know this could be an tool you created and allow you to escape because of your reputation of being a prankster and escape artist." Inoichi challenged the future shinobi with his raising KI.

"As troublesome as my drinking buddy and great friend become, are you really Sandaime-sama? " Shikaku questioned the man while scanning any signs of deception.

Yes was the mirthful reply of the Sandaime to them as the village leader watched his shinobi`s reaction, one of them did a jaw drop where a fly entered his/her mouth

"I think it`s too much for him " The Sandaime thought amused when he noticed a fly entered one of the minor clan head`s mouth and nearly got choked that could have killed him/her if not for weak Jyuuken strike.

"Then drop the genjutsu." Shibi replied in monotone, who together with his fellow clan heads nodded behind him.

"Jiji-sama, please say nay. I would love to see you kicking their asses in that awesome state. " Naruto added.

"I would love to but that will be the other time, Naruto-kun. " With that, he released the genjutsu making everyone stagger at that sight in awe before bowing on one knee.

Before them stood, Sarutobi Hiruzen, known to many as Kami no Shinobi and The Professor in his prime and the reason why the Nidaime Hokage chose Hiruzen over Danzo as his successor many years ago before his appearance that the Sarutobi had is very different from a mere twenty hours ago; he is his thirties.

"By this younger appearance, I`ll be buying new gear and train myself after this. Thank you, Naruto-kun for helping me big time and also for giving me solution to paper work which is Shadow Clone." The Sandaime in his younger appearance thought with a smile aimed at the Namikaze heir who nodded and smiled back.

"As for this explaination about my younger appearance, Naruto-kun here will explain it. " The Hokage pointed out while his Shadow Clone released the blonde`s handcuffs and dispelled himself.

With a nod of signalfrom his grandfather figure, Naruto flashed through a series of dozen half of handseals at a blurry which made some of shinobi left impressed at the blonde`s mastery of the jutsu and with his palm slamming the floor, called the name of jutsu :

"Kekkai Ninjutsu: Privacy Dome!"

"I know what I did was nearly out of your order Hiruzen but please understand we must be ready at all times. I already changed my way, I`ll be telling you this soon" The War Hawk gave a look to the Sandaime that says they will have a discussion after the meeting which the Hokage nodded immediately.

"You keep giving me surprises,Naruto-kun. For a second, I thought I recognized the jutsu and it did. " The Sandaime watched the room being covered by what felt like a barrier.

Seeing the impressed and surprised looks from the older shinobi, Naruto said with new confidence and charisma:

"Now, this should keep unwanted ears crying for failing to hear what I am about to say. Before you guys say anything, I already know my parents and heritage when I was five by my good friend Kurama, which is the Kyuubi`s real name. Kurama himself told me he was being controlled by an orange masked man who possessed Uchiha. To be exact, an Uchiha. Kurama is resting peacefully and yes, he is friends with Tou-san and Kaa-chan. What I did to jiji here is a big help to the village and the way, that supposed fight make things go easy now since I do not want to hear crap from them, don`t you agree?"

They nodded at that part. Because to them even the War Hawk and two elders, civilian council should not intervene with shinobi related parts which thankfully they immediately prevented the weakening of the village`s shinobi. For their part, their other senses and subconsciousness were telling them that civilians are making easy ticket for their fellow civilians to join the Shinobi Force by removing the training and classes that made the village herself won two wars. At present, the Shinobi Academy academy are using the same curriculum that has been upgraded after the war.

"How do you know the kekkai ninjutsu, Uzumaki-san? " One of the clan heads who recovered from the shock due to the revelation, asked.

"I will get to that first. What I am about to say next is about Hokage-jiji`s condition, is it okay?"

"Go on."

"What you will hear will be considered S-rank and are generally Uzumaki clan secrets. Yes, I know my heritage which I told you immediately before this. Please hear me out because what I am about to say might sound ridiculous no matter how what till I finish, no questions asked. Now firstly, what I put on jiji here is an Uzumaki Regeneration Seal that basically restore back to your prime. The way that seal works is to heal the fatal injuries for the Uzumaki`s natural regenerative abilities to do its job and by using it, it would do so at the cost of user`s life span."

"NANI!?" Everyone room yelled in fear that the Uzumaki had just shortened their leader`s life span.

"Don`t worry as you are non-Uzumaki, it basically restored your youth at the cost of a bit of my life span but its consequential considering if I do not die at the field, I will live longer than all of you combined. However for the foreseeable future, I will not doing that again because it is beyond troublesome. Now if you are not a Uzumaki and has different age gap between us, it is simply restored your body back to your prime. In simple terms, jiji is an old man. An old man in younger body. Any questions? "

"Uzumaki-san, where did you learn that seal and could it be perhaps possible that it can be used for hospitals? A seal of that caliber would be most useful if we get around the fact that it takes up a bit of user`s life span." The Aburame clan head asked.

"Sorry, Aburame-sama. That seal alone can only be used by an Uzumaki, well maybe a Senju but they aren`t that many around and of course you have to put it to the person you are treating in death like state if they do not have Uzumaki or Senju blood flowing in their veins naturally. As for where I learnt it from, it`s Uzu, the same place I gotten into at that time."

"But, how could it be? I am pretty sure that you never left the village. " Inoichi asked, trying to digest the new information.

"Actually, I did. Last week during that incident. Do you remember that I was missing for two days? "

"You left the village? " Tsume asked, wide eyed at the explaination.

"Sort of, it`s complicated to say. "

"Well, please do and explain yourself then. " The Nara clan head said with curiosity present in his voice, who just finished sleeping from his nap.

"It all begun when I got my ass got kicked in an alley by a mob of angry drunks who were still mad at Tou-san for sealing Kurama-kun in me who is my friend when I was five." The young Uzumaki casually said nearly face palming at the idiots and shinobi for not knowing the difference between a seal and a kunai sealed in.

"By the way after this, can you please add Fuinjutsu into the curriculum? Or explaining how it works?"


"Now where was I? Oh yes. When I was brink of my death, I got pulled into my mindscape and Kurama told me that I was going to die "

"WHAT!? Do you remember their faces Naruto-kun? " The Hokage who is in his younger body, asked his grandson in concern and anger present in his tone.

"Yes, their faces are.." The younger blonde begun to tell the description of those who beat him up while the Hokage is getting angrier and immediately ordered the two ANBU operators to kill them and take their belongings and gave it to Naruto as punishment.

"Hai, Hokage-sama" The two operators immediately responded their leader`s orders from the attached communication headset and when they went out the village, a girly screams was heard in the entire village which gave chills to those who heard it.

"You may continue, Naruto-kun." The Sandaime said with a satisfied look after hearing a girly scream from the communication headset.

"Now, don`t be shocked for I am alive" The blonde said cheekily, noticing the panic looks of clan heads and shinobi

"Oh right."

"As I was saying, he said I will die if they keep beating me. In fact, Kurama-kun calculated the remaining time I had left if something did not intervene. Well, we both knew that nothing would be able to stop the time. But guess what? He performed a jutsu."

"What/Hold on/Did I hear it right?" Several clan heads yelled in unison, earning a female giggle from a sealed bijuu at the funny reaction.

"That`s strange, did Kurama just let out a giggle? Benehime-chan, you really are beautiful when I saw your real form since that day. " Naruto thought admiringly, earning a blush from the bijuu.

"Did you say Kyuubi-sama performed a jutsu? " Shikaku asked


This time, the Hokage raised a question, "But how?"

"I am sorry but it`s personal. What you all need to know is that it was jikukan ninjutsu and it didn`t require the Kyuubi to escape. What the jutsu does it teleported into distant past but in doing so I got forcefully teleported too since Kurama is sealed within me. When I woke up, I ended up in a village that we know in the present as Uzu."

(Flashback Start)

His eyes fluttered before opening as he groaned in the dim light of Japanese mansion he found himself in.

"Well at least it`s not a hospital. Stupid civilians and shinobi for not honoring Tou-san`s wish." He thought a bit disappointed at the mention of civilians.

Looking around, he noticed something is not right from what he saw of the style of fixtures(or furnitures) judging by it`s design and memories given thanks to his friend. Speaking of his friend, he asked his friend in their link :

"Kurama-chan, what happened?"

After his first beating at the age of five, Naruto was shocked to hear that the Kyuubi no Youko was sealed into him by the Yondaime Hokage, who happened to be his father and Uzumaki Kushina, his mother and Kyuubi`s second container. When they first met, that`s what the Kyuubi did in hopes of crushing his spirit, but soon it yielded strange results into the child desiring to be like a Hokage and surpass his father. But what stunned him to the core was that the Bijuu was actually female and when he saw that form, his heart skipped a beat at that sight.

However, their relationship took off with a rocky start until it became better over the years when Naruto took beating after beating due to the villagers and some shinobi mistaking him as her but never once said he regretted being sealed in him and thus she grew extremely fond of the young Namikaze.

"Hey, Naruto-kun"

"You don`t sound too good, Kurama-chan. Are you alright?" He said, feeling worried about his friend.

"It is nothing I can handle. The question however can you handle this?"

"What do you mean by that?"

"Haven`t you noticed that you are being restrained? There is a seal on the mat below you that won`t let you move off this bed."

"What the hell!? " The Uzumaki tried to move desperately out of the bed but found out that he couldn`t

"What happened to us, Kurama-chan?" The Uzumaki said through mental link.

"It`s them, I guess. They probably didn`t want to take risks so they set up that seal just in case."

"Who`s them?"

"Naruto-kun, please promise me not to freak out. This might be a bit confusing and disturbing to you" The bijuu said worried of what she was about to explain

"Just tell me, I promise that I will not freak out"

"Okay, we are here in Uzu no Kuni. Roughly 120 years into the past."

"120 years? Like as in time travel or something?"

"Yes and yes, we are 120 in the past on the island of Uzu and to be more specific, it will be called Uzuhio in 23 years from now."

"Okay, I understand. But firstly, why the hell am I doing here in the first place?"

"Well, as you remember you were ambushed when we got cornered by the shinobi and that alone could have killed us. That`s where I told you a jutsu that will temporarily displace us from the past. I will explain things in detail later but for now, this village is where your relatives lives so I suggest go easy on it. Gomen, Naruto-kun...Someone is coming, Bye."

"You are a terrible friend, overgrown furball " Naruto thought gloomy, after noticing the link was cut off.

"I`m sorry, Naruto-kun. I`ll make it up to you that you might enjoy, I promise" The bijuu thought to herself with resolve.

Just then, the door slid open and a pretty young girl about six years old with beautiful blood red shoulder length hair walked in with older red haired man who has happy go lucky grin present on his face.

"So, you are awake." The man seeing him, said.

"Um, yeah. Where am I? " Naruto asked the man, while pretending not to know the name of the village since he sensed that man`s chakra and power is elite jounin.

"Uzumaki Clan Village."

Naruto hearing this reply, mentally smiled and reminded himself he will thank the Kyuubi later.

"You gotta be kidding right!? " Naruto yelled as if he was shocked provided that he`s a prankster, it convinced the man that`s he in shock. The young Uzumaki for his part felt bad doing that doing to his relative, but he has to for safety reasons.

"No, we are not. You are in the Uzumaki clan Village." The man assured him, detecting no deception from the blonde.

"So this is what she meant. " Naruto mumbled to himself.

"My name is Uzumaki Kensei and here is my daughter Ayane. I am the son of the Uzumaki branch family head and current leader of the Uzumaki Shinobi . I was sent here by the council to ask you some questions if that`s alright with you sir.."

"Naruto, genin of Konohagakure." The blonde replied.

"Ah, Konoha. Are you a Senju?"

The blonde in question when he heard that let out a smile knowing that he is the Nidaime Hokage`s descendant. How did he know? He found it from his father`s journal and when he heard that, it even made his resolve and determination of his becoming a Kage unbreakable. To be blunt, he`s one of the top students in Leaf Academy and held back his strength in spars.

"Apparently, it seems my father is related to Senju clan despite he is a Namikaze and my mother, she was an Uzumaki."

"She was an Uzumaki!?" The older Uzumaki man asked in surprise.

Nodding his head knowing that his parents were both dead thanks to that damn masked Uchiha, he replied with tears present in his eyes. "Yep, but I never really knew them. They both died in the day I was born."

"I really know them but I cannot reveal their names due to Hagoromo-sama`s rule." Naruto thought while he immediately pulled out a box of tissue from a scroll he kept from his kunai holster that function as pocket before blowing his nose with it.

"Oh sorry. " The man said in regret while he watched the blonde pulled out a tissue paper and blow it again.

"It`s alright. I got over with it after eleven years."

"So where are you from? We are all curious because you suddenly appear out of thin air in the middle of one of our celebrations and heck you all scared the shit out of us since you looked like you had just been through a meat grinder."

"G-gomen, I was ambushed and well you got the results." Naruto replied.

"Ero-Sannin if we ever meet, I will give you hell for not being there for me during my birth! Tou-san and Kaa-chan for sure will be mad at you for not doing your duty as my godfather."

(Meanwhile in one of minor village`s hotspring )

The mentioned toad sage received a cold chill in his spine as he work on his perverted novel Icha Icha series.

"This killing intent and aura, I have not felt it before Kushina. This would mean his son..Oh CRAP, Naruto. " The self proclaimed pervert immediately went to Konoha, bringing the toad shaped wallet and various scrolls as gifts to his godson hoping he will forgive him.

(Back to Naruto)

"So that`s where you got your regen factor come from but I believe you still haven`t answered my question correctly. "

"Sorry, I truly appreciate for your kindness by letting me rest here and I don`t want to sound rude or anything but I can`t say it because it sounds crazy and would not believe me if I told you."

Suddenly another man walked in and said, " Okay, enough games."

"Uncle". Kensei said noticing who just came in.

"My name is Uzumaki Ryota. I specialize in Interrogation. Look here kid, me and the elders want answers from you." The man identified Uzumaki Ryota said.

The interrogation specialist has a heavily built body type that proved he, like the other Uzumakis are deadly kenjutsu users and unlike them, he use a great sword. He wore black combat cloak and black clan wars armor beneath it(Just Imagine Hashiarama`s armor coated in black). His air when he came into the room, immediately screamed authority.

"Even here, this guy reminded me of Ibiki-san. Does all village have each version of Ibiki-san? " Naruto thought amused, unaffected by the man`s aura.

"Uncle, if he does not want to talk let`s not force him especially if his case what I think it is. "

But Ryota merely step forward near the blonde Uzumaki`s distance, said, " He might be an enemy or spy. We can`t lax about him and will interrogate him as it is required."

"Crap. Thankfully, I am free from those chakra seals." Naruto thought knowing where this might lead to, immediately activated the protection seals he placed on himself, while the whole room did not felt a leak of chakra.

With that said, he flashed through series of hand seals before blurring to Naruto and placing his hand on the boy`s chest effectively leaving a seal in its place.

Feeling nothing, Naruto mentally let out a sigh of relief. From the moment he saw those hand seals, he knew it`s an Interrogation Seal thanks to his mastery of fuinjutsu and also that seal is one of his creations. Knowing the effect, he has to try his best and make it look he`s feeling the effects.

"Paralysis, 70 degree Celcius temperature of Katon, and one Raiton : Lightning God. Those are what the interrogation seal contain. The shadow clone I used on, gave me time to see how to act like one. "

"Wha- What have you done to me!?" The blonde immediately screamed 'painfully', receiving a sadistic smile from the interrogator.

"I placed a interrogation seal on you. Fortunately for you, my nephew and his daughter are here.. so I will not use the normal seals that I would have placed on you. Regardless, that seal alone makes you unable to lie and forces you to answer any questions. To do otherwise will cause you pain to unimaginable levels and the same will happen if you say nothing, no matter what you will be FORCED to answer. "

"Uncle, this is not right. He is just a child." Kinsei tried to defend but was shot down by his uncle`s glare that immediately silenced the nephew.

"You know where he has found Kinsei and you know the rules, he is a threat to our security. Now boy, let`s start from the beginning. What`s your name? All of them in full."

"Uzumaki Naruto, though I was born Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto. " Naruto replied 'painfully', feeling that this interrogator is related to him and decided to play along with him.

"Why did you drop your other name?"

"To protect me from my father`s enemies but I will use it soon once I`m strong enough to defeat them."

"Anyway, we can go back to that later, tell me what are you doing in our village?"

"I don`t know?"

"You can`t lie to me."

"I am not."

"Is that so!? Let`s try it in different way. Are you aware of where you are?"


"And where is this then ?"

"Uzu no Sato."

"The Village Hidden in Whirlpool? What are you talking about? This is Uzumaki village"

"Yes, they are the same."

"Explain it."

"It will become known as Uzu no Sato in your future."

"How do you know this and why did you say your future? Where are you from?"

"Konoha, and I say your future because you are all from my past. That`s how I know this."

"Tell me everything about you boy. " Naruto pretend that he begun to felt the effects of the seal which was visible on his face.

"I-I I like Ra-"

"Ramen!? The interrogator nearly let out a drool at that word. Regaining his composure, he immediately returned back to his interrogation

"Nice acting, Naru-kun. " The Kyuubi thought with pride as she watched everything within the mindscape because all foxes are tricksters.

"Ojii-sama, please stop this treatment!" Ayane cried out when she noticed the pain present on the blonde`s face.

"Oops, I think I overdid it." The blonde Uzumaki sweatdropped for making it look convincing and real. If it was not for his fuinjutsu expertise, he would not have make a seal that destroys a seal literally. The one he used earlier did not open the seal on his stomach because it`s one of the variants.

"Silence child, we must know everything about him before deciding whether to let him live or not."

"What? No, I won`t let you hurt him. "

Ryota angrily grabbed her arm, said to the child anger with present. " Get out, you are disrupting an interrogation."

"This guy..."

But when he twisted her arm little too much, she cried out in pain. Seeing this, Kinsei turned to his uncle and was about to do something but he was beaten to the punch when Naruto blurred from his former point to Ryota`s position and immediately decked the man into air and pinned him down to the floor with Chakra Chains released from his body while he had clone readied into kenjutsu stance with a katana which he found nearby

"How dare you do that to your family!? " Naruto angrily growled out.

Shocked by this current predicament but remained unfazed, Ryota asked " What?"

"I said, How dare you!? How dare you hurt your own family member in my presence. That alone disgusts me! " Naruto finished with a flaring killing intent that would make his bijuu friend smile at the sight while he tightened the grip of the chains wrapped around the older Uzumaki`s body.


Letting out a sigh for doing too much when he tried to push one of his family out, Ryota said. " I don`t take little Akane or Kensei or any of the family granted. I just get a little over zealous sometimes in my desire to protect them all. Sorry if I went too far."

As soon as those words in his mouth, the chains gently retracted and went back retreating back to Naruto.

"I never had any family to begin with and that`s the reason why I hate to see stuff like that to happen. " The blonde Uzumaki said in a sad tone.

"And they are dead in my time. " He let out a tear at that thought.

"What about the Uzumaki clan? You said you were part Uzumaki and that your father was somehow related to Senju. Why don`t you have a family among them or us? I can`t imagine either of us abandoning you. " Kensei asked surprised

"Till today, I never knew that Uzumaki were a clan. As for the Senju where I descended from, are nearly wiped out for there a few members and one of them abandoned the village due to bad memories."

"How far into the future is this?"

"120 years from now. By the way, Ryota-san you are my.." When Naruto said that, he was given a warm welcome and the older shinobi trained him fuinjutsu and various interrogation techiques

(Flashback End)

Naruto then proceeded to explain a little about his stay there for eight years which include training as an Uzumaki shinobi, and clashes and concluded by saying that he ended up being ripped back to the present.

"So what kind of skills you learn from there?" Tsume asked.

"Various things such as ninjutsu, kenjutsu, bukijutsu, taijutsu, interrogation..To make it short, everything " Naruto finished with a foxy grin plastered on his face which stunned all the shinobi present.

"Also, I already mastered Hiraishin and Rasengan. However, I will not teach anyone Hiraishin because I decided it will be a clan jutsu."

"Troublesome, there will be mini Minato hiraishining like a boss/ I guess I`ll be increasing his training if he agrees/ Minato, Kushina I am sure you will be proud of your son." Various shinobi present in the room thought.

"I cannot tell others about the other part but I take it Hokage-jiji know that " Naruto turned to the Sandaime, who nodded at what he was talking about.

"Naruto-san, I take it you know the CRA. Am I right? " Hiashi calmly asked.

"Hai, Hiashi-sama. Also jiji-sama, I like to request a training because the training I had during that time got wane when I arrived here."

"Granted, you will have your training supervised by Danzo-san and the ANBU Commander. Naruto-kun, you may take your leave " The Sandaime replied with a smile.

"Thank you for giving me a chance, I will not let you down Tobirama-sensei. I am doing this as a returning that favor."

Once the sole heir of Uzumaki and Namikaze leave the room, Hiruzen shook his head sadly when he remembered the burden that all Konoha nin must carry and that clan got wiped out by their enemies during the war.

"It really makes me sad to see Naruto-kun living in his clan, which got wiped out them. I really regret it when we came too late..."

"Old friend, you are right but we cannot let our shame doings take bad way to ourselves. Rather as for myself, I use it to change the way I am now. We should move on while we together with Konoha nin must carry that burden."

"Right, there are few Uzumakis here in the village. " The Hokage watched the village with renewed determination, fully prepared to see the village get back to it`s glory again while three of his elders smiled behind him.

I think this is where I decided to end the chapter now because it`s 14 pages long. This chapter is supposed to have an Omake but I decided against it.

Now reader and fellow writer, what are your thoughts about this chapter? I want to hear it because it motivate me.

There will be a new updates in my other stories after this and just now I am a bit tired from typing this and carrying a freaking heavy buffet table to the third floor.

I am working on  the chapters of my fanfics.

That would also mean I would be on hiatus in World of Tanks because I`ll be out of town soon.
First of all, I like to thank everyone for taking some time in reading and visiting my fanfics in and because I could not have make it this far without your help and inspiring words and action. To my followers in, thank you for giving this new author(me) a chance and trying to read my fanfics in that host site because I`m a bit new in writing fanfics and does not know where to start. 

In other news, there will be incoming fanfics this year and here are the following :

1. Nidaime Kami no Shinobi(Naruto)
 Before the start of Rikudo era, many beings coexisted with humans and inhabited the whole world. After being sent to the hospital for rescuing a friend, that is where he will meet someone who will change his life. With a knowledge of his heritage and renewed determination, his life just taken a step.

2.The Frozen Fox(Naruto)(Title Subjected to Change)
OC-centric spin off of NKM

2. IS : Chevalier le Bleu (IS/Anime Multi crossover)(Title Subjected To Change)
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I hope the list above will keep you informed about the projects.

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Note : I put a wrong date in my birthday when I created this account. Sorry for inconveniences lol. My birthday is Oct. 5

First of all, I like to thank everyone for taking some time in reading and visiting my fanfics in and because I could not have make it this far without your help and inspiring words and action. To my followers in, thank you for giving this new author(me) a chance and trying to read my fanfics in that host site because I`m a bit new in writing fanfics and does not know where to start. 

In other news, there will be incoming fanfics this year and here are the following :

1. Nidaime Kami no Shinobi(Naruto)
 Before the start of Rikudo era, many beings coexisted with humans and inhabited the whole world. After being sent to the hospital for rescuing a friend, that is where he will meet someone who will change his life. With a knowledge of his heritage and renewed determination, his life just taken a step.

2.The Frozen Fox(Naruto)(Title Subjected to Change)
OC-centric spin off of NKM

2. IS : Chevalier le Bleu (IS/Anime Multi crossover)(Title Subjected To Change)
- Summary Not Available

3. The Panzer Commandant (World of Tanks)
- Note: OC-centric fanfic. The OC is a World of Tanks player. Not a self insert

I hope the list above will keep you informed about the projects.

As for the other news, my cellphone got stolen three weeks ago and I have to remove the number from my accounts. That incident made me feel sad and hit me hard. It happened to me second time.

Please give me a bit support by donating me an IS-6(gift shop) in and send it to USN_Fletcher(me). It`s okay not to send it to me and besides it`s my birthday today. Whether you do it or not, I`ll be providing more entertainment to you guys.


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